She’s Got a Messy Soul


She’s got a heavy heart, a messy soul, a reckless mind,

and I think it’s beautiful the way she carries herself.

Sean Bates

When I read this, something inside me relaxed; something moved through me and I realised that I can have amazing things, good and bad happening in my life and still be OK. Still be the essential me. (more…)

Paris or Copenhagen for Lunch?



I was rushing to visit my Dad a few years back, ticking off my list of things completed and adding others as I drove steadfastly towards RSL Care.

I had just been to a meeting and I was concerned about another one, scheduled on the other side of town in two hours; yet it was very important to fit this precious man into my crazy schedule. (more…)

Dunno or Denial?

Dunno or Denial2

What are you doing my love?

The pantry cupboard is wide open when I discover my grandson, Mister Two, lost inside its contents.

‘Dunno’ he said with a barefaced, cheeky grin on his face,

He was caught just before he was going to pull the contents from the not available section. And he knew he was caught. (more…)

Creativity and Intuition are Best Friends


One thing I’ve discovered about creativity is that it’s best mates with intuition. To enter my creative space, I let go of what I should do and tune into what could I do, this is my imaginative, intuitive self.

My intuition works best when I need to make a decision or when something has happened that doesn’t feel right. I usually find when things aren’t right, warning bells ring in my head, or sometimes I have a general feeling of discomfort. I have to be alert to this because this feeling is my intuition and it is GOLD. (more…)

Does Anyone Want To Go To Melbourne?


My grandsons are on the floor. Coloured pens and drawing paper are littered around them.

‘What’s a revolution Grandma?’

‘I think you mean resolution, darling, and it’s a sort of a goal.’

‘Oh goals, I know what they are,’ says Mister Seven taking the blank piece of paper from my hand and busying himself with the green pen.

‘So how many do you need?’ He asks. (more…)