Success in writing has to start with writing every day. If you think you should write only when inspiration hits you, you’re never going to finish a book. Get into the habit of writing something every day. Set aside a time during which you’ll do nothing but write and stick to it, even if you only produce 200 words to start with. I promise you’ll get faster and better.

Learn how to dictate to your computer. There may already be a program on your computer you can activate. It’s faster and you will have to check the writing for accuracy, as it won’t always write what you say. You will get into the swing of it soon enough. The most prolific authors are using it now.

Cut back on social media. It’s a great way to meet other authors and find great ideas. But the problem is that it sucks so much time and actually promises more than it delivers. Set an alarm for a timeline and stick to it, every time you log onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’re risking falling down a rabbit hole. Schedule your social media time just like your other daily appointments, and only after you’ve produced your words for the day.

Go to writer’s conferences. Look through the listings and make plans to go to at least one writer’s conference this year. It’s a great opportunity to take classes, learn new skills, make friends in your genre, replenish your creative ideas and have some fun. It’s a great way to take your writing to the next level.

Learn new technology. There’s always something new to learn; new programs, new apps. Look into Evernote and find out how many words you can add by writing five minutes at a time. Check a list of apps to find timers, productivity helpers, writing prompts, and a whole host of other author aids. Download a good keyboard so you can write on your phone in short sprints.