Creative Thinking Masterclass


How can you bring creativity into
everything you do?

In this series of interactive MasterClasses you will learn insights which will expand your concept and understanding of creativity and equip you with practical tools and inspiration to jumpstart your creative capacity.

Whether you are a writer, in business, or in the corporate world, a painter, a blogger, a carer, a coach, a student, a statistician, every role requires creative thinking.

 You can learn how to express your
personal brand of creativity.


Creative thinking is a way of looking at a situation or a problem from a fresh perspective. It draws from your left and right brain functions, your accumulated wisdom, your heart and intuition.

You will Identify creative blockages and learn to become more curious which will unlock your capacity to achieve. You will also discover if you are an entrepreneur or an artist.

Creativity is the most powerful
competitive advantage.


Corporations and business have an expectation that creativity is a major tool for every team member to use every day.

Not everyone knows how to do this.

The world urgently needs more innovative, imaginative and creative people. Not everyone will become a Picasso but everyone painted as a child and can pick up a paintbrush and make their mark.

We were taught literacy and maths at school but unless you were lucky with an imaginative teacher, you were probably not taught to use your creative imagination.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.
Tom Robbins.

You can learn how to express your imagination and join the thousands of people I have worked with who have unleashed their creative genius.

In these Creative Thinking, MasterClasses you will:

  • Let go of perfectionism and become open and curious to solving problems.
  • Identify creative blockages.
  • Learn tools to stimulate your curiosity.
  • Move beyond self-sabotage.
  • Break free from victim, rescuer and persecutor archetypes.
  • Unlock your capacity to achieve.
  • Find out if you are an entrepreneur or an artist.
  • Tap into critical mass and express your individual authenticity.
  • You will build your confidence as a creative thinker.
  • Expanding your concept and understanding of creativity.
  • Learn the art of Multi-channel Linkage™.

The art of Multi-channel Linkage™ is how one project or interest can bounce off another making you a more creative person. Personally I use art, screenwriting, directing, blogging, flower arranging, interior design, playing with my grandchildren, cooking and swimming to integrate my creative world. You too can use Multi-channel Linkage™ to find your inner muse.

You will walk away with clear goals to
kick-starting new, creative projects and
reinvigorating current creative projects.


These MasterClasses are interactive, exercise based, creative and absorbing.

Creative Thinking MasterClass Content:

  • This programme runs for 12 weeks
  • Four x 60 minute Group Skype MasterClasses over Three months.
  • Four x 30 minute one on one coaching sessions, by Skype. (To be arranged at your convience)
  • Comprehensive notes and handouts.
  • A copy of Vicki’s eBook, What do Women Really Want.