Creative Writer’s Studio™

Have you always had the dream of writing your first book?

Are you stalled with your writing project?

Do you want to become a successful writer?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the task of starting, working on or completing your book?

Are you finding it hard to place your book where it will gain the audience it deserves?


Be One Of The 1% Who Has A Published Book.


Learn how to unleash your unlimited creativity and access The Flow™ of effective writing.

The Creative Writer’s Studio™ One-on-One Coaching is designed to help you to unlock your creative ability to write, edit and market your first book. Through this process, you will develop the skills of a successful author. You will find your unique writer’s voice, your audience and your own publishing team. I will personally coach you in reaching the outcomes you desire.

You will receive professional guidance from me, a successful multi-award winning author with three decades of writing experience and 26 published books. Here are some of them:



You were born with limitless
creativity and imagination.

Let me help you reclaim your birthright.


I have facilitated hundreds of Creative Thinking and Creative Writer’s Studio™ programs working with thousands of people, one-on-one to assist them to unlock their creative power.


In the Creative Writer’s Studio™ One-on-One Coaching you will:

  • Define and set your vision and goals.
  • Unleash your unlimited creativity.
  • Tap into the space where you are in tune with your creative spirit.
  • Access the Flow™ of effective writing.
  • Discover your unique voice.
  • Learn Multi-channel Linkage™; how to link ideas and concepts from one project to another.
  • Use your creative powers to entertain yourself and others with your talent.
  • Release your writer’s block.
  • Match your behaviour to your goals.
  • Leverage failure and identify why it is essential as a writer.
  • Uncover your storyline arc and create a mind map.
  • Create a step-by-step guide for structure, character, dialogue, formatting and presentation.
  • Learn how to edit effectively and identify when to edit and when to write.
  • Discover how to find your unique market, format a pitch, approach publishers and agents and place your book where it will be taken to market.

I will teach you the art of Multi-channel Linkage™, how one project or interest can bounce off another, making you a more creative person. I use art, screenwriting, directing, blogging, flower arranging, interior design, cooking and swimming to integrate my creative world. You too can use Multi-channel Linkage™ to find your inner muse.

As an artist I have had four major art exhibitions. As a screenwriter, I have written several screenplays and co-produced and co-directed my first feature-length documentary, Never Forget Australia.

Let me be your catalyst, I have inside knowledge about
what it takes to make it in the publishing world.

To request your free chat to talk about your book, your way forward
and to explore if we will be a good fit to work together,




‘Working with Vicki Bennett Writers Studio has inspired me to take the action to finally start writing my book. I previously felt overwhelmed about how to bring a large volume of work together and Vicki’s intuitive guidance has provided me with a wealth of empowering tools to weave my story together. On a practical note I now have half my book written in five months. Vicki has helped me find my natural “voice” and I have a greater understanding of editing.’
Lisa Callinan
’Vicki’s Writers Studio has given me the confidence to become a real writer. She has shown me that I can do this. I love how she says that we have to entertain ourselves first as a writer and for it to be fun. She has given me tools to manage my writing schedule to fit it into my already busy life. Her insights on discovering character and backstory were illuminating. I found out so much about my characters I hadn’t even imagined. I now have a Story Arc and chapter descriptions for 18 chapters and I am loving her “leave breadcrumb for the reader, not the whole Gingerbread House” philosophy of writing.’
Vicki Gifford
’I just wanted to say a big, warm-hearted thank you for guiding me along this journey. I also wanted to express my gratitude for the studio session, the book cover design assistance, your vast knowledge and wisdom and for going beyond the brief; a very generous gift. I’m really grateful to have had you as the wind beneath my wings.’ 

Jen Compton


‘Working with Vicki has been inspirational. She has been the essential ingredient in the development of myself as a writer. She has assisted me to understand and clarify the story line and maintain momentum. With her guidance, I have developed the protagonist’s voice and clarified the more subtle areas of plot to carry the storyline forward.’ 
Annie O’Moon Browning


Thank you so much Vicki! I have been inspired in so many ways as a result of Saturday and am committed to continue being so. I have written more in the last few days about more than I can ever remember writing. I’m particularly focused on ‘showing and not telling’. I also bought myself a brand new large screen touch computer yesterday to indulge my creativity. I will be sure to read everything that comes through and keep my finger on the pulse. Thank you sincerely again an again.’ 

Georgie MacLeod