Creative Writing Masterclass


Have you always had the dream of writing your first book? Are you stalled with your writing project? Do you want to become a successful writer? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the task of starting, working on or completing your book? Are you finding it hard to place your book where it will gain the audience it deserves?

The Creative Writing Masterclass is a space for learning how to become a more effective writer and uncovering any self-limiting thought patterns. It’s a safe place to learn and be inspired to write.

As well as being a published author, my background as a corporate trainer for three decades has stood me in good stead. I have learnt much about the human condition and can guide you through the bumps and troughs that writing can take you. You were born with limitless
 creativity and imagination; let me help you reclaim your birthright.

I have facilitated hundreds of Creative Thinking and Creative Writing Masterclass programs working with thousands of people, one-on-one to assist them to unlock their creative power.

Whether it’s a novel, biography, non-fiction, autobiography or if you want to develop your blogs into a book – you can learn the skills and mind-set to become successful.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the writing process:

  • Stalled
  • Overcome
  • Disheartened
  • Lost your passion and confidence
  • Completely stuck
  • Beginning
  • Half-way
  • Nearly finished
  • Putting off writing your first novel
  • Hindering yourself by not making the time to write
  • Giving to everyone else to the detriment of your own creativity.

I will help you unleash the writer within and find the magic in writing with the flow. This is a holistic writing approach, integrating mind, body and soul.

Whether you are writing your first book, reports, company blogs, letters, proposals, summaries or everyday emails, the world has an expectation that you will be able to express yourself effectively…and expressing yourself through your words has never been more important.

Learn how to be an effective communicator
through words and storytelling.

Learn how to find your unique voice and access the flow of effective writing.

In this Creative Writing Masterclass program you will:

  • Find your unique voice.
  • Learn how to craft your words.
  • Discover why structure, dialogue, formatting and presentation are important.
  • Unblock unlimited creativity.
  • Identify where to start.
  • Learn how to make writing easier.
  • Access the flow of effective writing.
  • Understand your audience and write for your market.
  • Learn how to write in your voice.

You can learn how to express your imagination and join the thousands of people I have worked with who have unleashed their creative genius. I will help you to remove the mental blocks and obstacles to take you to the next level of effective communication through the written word.

These Masterclasses are interactive, exercise based, creative and absorbing.

The Creative Writing Masterclass includes

  • Four x 60 minute Group Online MasterClasses.
  • Two x 60 minute one on one Online Coaching Sessions.
    • This also includes an additional 3 hours of my expertise between sessions for reviewing and finessing your work
      The VALUE of this alone is $3,000 –  plus my wisdom of having written 27 books, so you can write a book in a fraction of the time. 
  • Comprehensive notes and handouts.
  • A copy of Vicki’s eBook, What do Women Really Want and The Effective Leader.