Do You Suffer From Anxiety?


I’m pretty excited to have just sent off my 30th book to my publisher today. It’s hard to let go of something I have such passion for, to let someone else take it to the next level. This baby has been with me for over seven months, reading or writing this book has been my everyday companion.

The Book of Hope – Antidote for Anxiety reveals that we are more anxious now than ever before. We’ve had to be; it’s how we have survived as a species. Our in-built mechanism of fight or flight has turned into overwhelming anxiety that we soothe, avoid or numb. This book introduces a new concept and mind-set for dealing with anxiety now – hope.

For me, anxiety has been the catalyst to write this book. My own personal experience has been my best teacher, encouraging me to find solutions, drawing strength from all the tools I have shared in this book. Even though I have been using these tools for decades, by reliving every chapter as I write and rewrite and edit, I am called to apply these tools at a deeper level and my commitment to these tools has been tested many times over.

It’s not surprising, that during the final edit stage and the lead up to passing the completed manuscript to my publisher, I had very high levels of anxiety. My book was asking me to test its premise again and my anxiety forced me to examine everything for validity and allowed me to do some final editing with immense purpose. Writing this book has helped me to find a deeper level of self-love and acceptance.

We seek a hopeful world but like faith, it needs to be enriched and shared to be cultivated. Hope has countless shapes – an innocent child, an open door, a new book on the bedside, a wallet returned to its owner, a new beginning or a fresh spring day. The Book of Hope will help you to cultivate and foster this hope and re-frame your relationship with anxiety as a gift that can help you to connect with the meaning and purpose of your life.