I’ve Read the Rules, Now How Do I Play the Game?

Guidelines for the Game of Life

I've Read the Rules
Vicki Bennett

Our friend Robbie Morrow gave us a game for Christmas called Diplomacy. He told us about a young engaged couple, Sonya and Allan who, after a lively dinner party, decided to play the game with two other couples.
The game comes in a box which explains it as a game of skill in which negotiation, rather than chance, guides destinies of international politics. Up to seven players each seek to gain control of Europe. It is described as ‘an exciting game of wits’.

They all read the rules and began. Sonya and Allan are very enthusiastic. They loved the idea of negotiating, of matching wits, and the thrilling possibility of out-maneuvering the other players.

Each person plays individually – which is apparent from the rules. But Sonya and Allan played as allies, and bounced off one another to make more winning moves and maneuvers. All was fine – until Allan out-maneuvered Sonya by not telling her what he was going to do.

In this book, Vicki Bennett takes a fresh look at the game of life and gives us new ways to look at the old rules with sound, practical advice and warm good humour that draws on her human understanding, communication skills and broad experience as a successful trainer.

Drawing on real-life experiences, she shows:

  • How to understand and interpret the rules of life
  • How to play the game of life
  • How to get up when you are down
  • How to create a vibrant energy level, and
  • How to set your own standards and live a life that will give you personal fulfillment, happiness and success.