Pregnancy Visualisation


Vicki Bennett

In this CD, Vicki guides parents-to-be through a gentle visualisation to enable them to be more prepared for and confident about the birth of their child. We acknowledge the value of athletes using visualisation in preparation for sporting events, visualisation works just as effectively for preparation of the birth of your child.

Visualisation is future dreaming, creating pictures of the future as you would like it to be whilst you are physically relaxed. Active visualisation guides the listeners’ subconscious mind to recognise and project the outcome they desire.

Using visualisation and breathing techniques, this visualisation exercise will help you create the future you desire. It will take you on a guided journey to enable you to look at your pregnancy and birth of your child with confidence and excitement.

Vicki’s passion is to teach others the skills of empowerment, and offer the listener the tools to develop their inner strength and courage.

This CD was created by Vicki in collaboration with her daughter Cassandra and her husband Philipp and used as valuable preparation for the birth of their son Oliver.