Take Me To My Garden Mummy

How to Teach Your Child to Set Goals, CD & Book Set

Vicki Bennett

Children’s imaginations are vivid and alive. They are untouched by negativity and reasons why they can’t do things. This book shows children the exciting tools of goals setting and creative visualistion.

In a child’s imagination, there are no limitations or boundaries. Children use their imaginations for creative learning. Often times we don’t understand their imaginary friends or their complicated games. This is because we have learnt to grow up.

Sometimes children just need a sanctuary where nothing goes wrong. They can use an imaginary garden as this special place. Visualisation is dreaming when you are awake, or seeing a mental picture of what you want to happen. If your imagination is constantly reminded of your wish or desire, the dream becomes real and you achieve your goal.
As a child, I stumbled upon my special garden and it has helped me in life to solve problems. I know it helps my children to learn and to love. If you teach your children to set goals and see them achieving them in their garden, you will share the joy of your child at bed time, saying: ‘Please take me to my garden, Mummy.’

The CD is designed for 5 to 10 year olds to use as a creative tool to help them to relax and become positive places to solve problems, helping to put their young minds to rest. The visualisation CD can be used for children as they are going to sleep at night, to enable them to activate their creative mind to achieve their goals.