Creativity and Intuition are Best Friends


One thing I’ve discovered about creativity is that it’s best mates with intuition. To enter my creative space, I let go of what I should do and tune into what could I do, this is my imaginative, intuitive self.

My intuition works best when I need to make a decision or when something has happened that doesn’t feel right. I usually find when things aren’t right, warning bells ring in my head, or sometimes I have a general feeling of discomfort. I have to be alert to this because this feeling is my intuition and it is GOLD.

So I ask myself, ‘What’s happening here, what can I do right now to listen to this feeling?’

If I feel scared, confused or stressed, I stop and take deep diaphragm breaths. I name what’s worrying me, then I breath into it. If the solution doesn’t come immediately, then I let the question go, so the answer can come in its own time. Here’s how it works for me:

  • A flash of understanding in meditation
  • When talking with someone about related issues
  • Thinking about something entirely different
  • In the bath
  • Reading or day-dreaming
  • Triggered by a slogan on a billboard, a Facebook story or newspaper article
  • Or just a sense or feeling of the right thing to do.

Then I act on it, I take the next step.

Solutions or ideas come to me in minutes or days, I have to remember to be patient, which is not my strongest suit. Practise listening to your intuition and watch it grow.