Find Your Tribe

I was asked to speak with the Society of Women Writers earlier in the year and was delighted to find an enthusiastic, willing group of creatives, all at completely different stages of their creative journey.

They opened their hearts and minds to me and each other, to look at new ways of thinking and writing.

They loved my concept of combination creativity: The ability to have several creative endeavors on the go at once, working on each project a little every day.

I challenged them to think outside the square. I suggested that they choose a chapter in the book they are writing and write a few scenes as a screenplay.

Writing a screenplay will improve their dialogue and help them find new insight into their characters, supporting them to see their work in a different light. They loved the idea and several have used this tool to find nuances in their characters and plot.

If you want to try this out go to it has a free download program where you can learn how to set out your own screenplay.

My personal takeout of being with these writers, was to be filled with the joy and pleasure of exchanging information with a group of people who learn quickly, who are in the flow and not afraid to bounce ideas off each other. In short, I found my tribe.

Fifty years ago, communities/tribes would sit around sewing, crafting, writing or making or repairing things collectively and as they did, they talked and exchanged ideas and solved individual and group problems.

This was an organic way of collaborating as a group, sharing wisdom, ideas and knowledge. It also gave people an environment where they could be heard and share their stories.

Within 21st century living, this does not happen organically. We have to create the opportunity to come together, to share with our tribe our ideas and creativity.

If you haven’t found your tribe yet, I encourage you to test some groups out. If you are a writer, join the local writers group. If you are an artist, look for groups who share your interest in art. Finding your tribe is like speed dating, except everyone you talk to, is a perfect fit.