Social Media, Do You Have a Choice?


Yes, of course you have a choice and you must make your own judgement about how and when you communicate on social media. I went kicking and screaming toward social media, it wasn’t a natural fit for me. Then I realised that if I want to champion my work and be more widely known as a writer, then social media is a vital part of this process.

I realised Facebook impacts and benefits being able to communicate with people in bite-size chunks. Not big long rants or blog size descriptions, just simple messages that enable me to reach others in a meaningful way.

If you choose to communicate through Facebook, I recommend that you form a group around what you want to promote or talk about. There are two types of Facebook pages – a profile page and a group page. Profile pages are what individuals use to connect to friends, family, school friends and colleagues. Group pages are used for promotion. They are perfect for building closer relationships with your audience.

Every author or soon to be author should have a group page.

To set up a group page, go to and follow the step-by-step instructions. Once you have a group page you can promote it on your website.

Your goal is to have people like your page. Once someone likes your page, any updates you post to your group page will be visible in your stream. This keeps people engaged and keeps you and your ideas out there.

And staying engaged is essential once you have a group page. I post something new five to six times a week. Some people choose to post once a week. You decide how often you want to communicate and then stick to it.

Share something that inspires you. A picture of a bird is fine if it’s significant to you, but tell us why it’s significant to you, we want to know. You can post an interaction with someone (with their permission) or a quote that makes sense to you. Post any event you are holding in the future. If you are an author, communicate what you wrote this week or something on your Facebook feed that inspired you. Don’t look for perfection, post what’s interesting to you now, just put something out there. Your audience want to get to know you and this is an excellent way to talk with them.

Bust through the myths and understand how you can use social media to help you build a sustainable, thriving business with your purpose-driven message.

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