What the Bleep is Creativity?


Creativity starts with an idea, a spark in the subconscious mind.  If you let it marinate, it gains more shape.  Then if you write it down and figure out what action to take, it really gains momentum.

But let’s start at the beginning. Everybody has an imagination. We use our imagination to make things up and play games. We also use it to achieve goals.

All the things we achieve start as pictures in our imagination as do our ideas about ourselves, about other people and about things that haven’t happened yet. How we imagine things helps to make them good or bad.

If someone imagines they will be carsick on a long car trip or do badly in a test, what starts as an imaginary idea may end up with them really being carsick or really doing badly in the test.

Some people feel sick during difficult situations because when they were little they used to pretend they were sick when they wanted to get out of doing something. That’s how powerful the imagination can be.

Lots of people use their imagination to fight disease or illness. Many sportspeople use their imagination to become better runners, swimmers, rowers, footballers, hockey or netball players.

It is a useful tool enabling better relationships with friends and family; and a tool for improving attitude.

When we relax, close our eyes and picture ourselves getting better or stronger, our bodies and minds understand the pictures and become stronger and more successful.

Visualisation is a safe haven to visit when comfort is needed. A place to be forgiving and tolerant.

Which brings me to my point; visualisation actively stimulates creativity. For example, children don’t have any limits to their imagination. They understand that creativity applies to everything they do. For them, it is just as creative to learn to ride a bike, as it is to draw a picture.

Through visualisation, you can access your creative mind and find unlimited solutions for day-to-day problems.

So start visualising now. As Tom Robbins said, ‘It’s never to late to have a happy childhood.’