I Just Called to Say Thank You


I took a call recently and the woman on the other end of the line began; ‘I know it may seem a bit late in the day but thirty years ago when I was working in the Building Society, I sat in one of your training programs and I was thinking today that I never thanked you for changing the way I thought, all those years ago.’

Rhonda continued. ‘You said that regardless of what has happened to me in the past you have a future now. This really struck a chord and stayed with me through the thick and thin of my life.’

Planet Earth is an amazing place. I needed to hear these words that morning. Like everyone, I need to be reminded to keep going, keep writing, keep telling my stories; singing my songline.

When people tell me, ‘Oh you must get loads of great feedback about your books, workshops or ideas,’ I smile because that’s not necessarily the case. Australians aren’t known for their effusiveness; unlike our American cousins, Australians are usually quite reticent about coming forward to say thank you or that was good. It’s how we’re built, part of our tall poppy syndrome. So when someone makes the time to track me down, pick up the phone and call me, I listen. And I am very grateful.

As Rhonda said goodbye she thanked me again for making a difference in her life and I though, all of us make a difference in other people’s lives. The ripples made by a small pebble of kindness, a word of encouragement, a hand when someone is busy, or a smile can have a big effect on the receiver. We are very powerful people.

Each of us has the chance every day to pay it forward; that small kindness can have a big impact. Never underestimate your ability to help another human being.

And if you are lucky enough to get some positive feedback along the way, allow it to sink in; receive it graciously as you would a gift.




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2 thoughts on “I Just Called to Say Thank You

  1. I’d love to hear about your writing workshops Vicki! It’s great how things click just at that moment when needed. It’s posts to be genuinely kind & thoughtful.

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